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Exhibition Stand Construction can be defined as designing and construction of Exhibition Booth or Stall or Stand. It encompasses myraid activities coming along together to create a perfect solution. Its inception is with developing and effective concepts and ends with constructing the Exhibition Stand or Booth or Stall.

Primary purpose of erecting an innovative exhibition stall is to have maximum footfalls of your target audience in your stand and hence we are your stalwarts providing you with perfect solutions for the same.

Exhibition Stand Construction as a whole involves vast range of activities involving Planning, Conceptualizing, Designing, Material Identification, Construction etc. and a concept as a whole requires highly precision in the range of activity management.

Tejaswi Services Pvt Ltd with its vast experience in the industry offers total turnkey solutions for Exhibitions. We offer highly customized services as to offer our client utmost  efficiency and accuracy for their Exhibition Stand Construction Projects in Pan India.

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