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Be Our Vendors

Are you a supplier or vendor for various articles in Designing, Printing, Branding, Exhbiition, Events... Send your profile to us and we will update you in our database for any scope of working together.

We believe in increasing our vendor base for mutual benefits to increase our service base.

Be A Freelancer

Are you a freelancer?.... Whether it is Fabrications, 3d Modelling, Desiging, Sound technician, Light technician, Production, Coordinator, Promoion Exec... If you are creative you have real chances being a part of our services....

Be our Affiliates

Earning money with Tejaswis is easy.
We do the work; you earn money on each sale produced through your link.

We do EVERYTHING - handle processing, customer queries and support, and you get paid 10% of sale by simply referring a visitor to us.

The actual amount might vary depending on our various promotions where we can offer our service than usual, but it will be always 10% of the sale.

Partner Us

We belive partnership can increase opportunities and explore new avenues to serve the world market in a better way. We believe forming a mutual beneficial alliances can not only limit one's drawbacks but also increases the efficiencies and strategic development of companies.

We believe in strong philophy of forming a team to sustain economic slowdown and emerge as one of the leaders in the industry.

Be a part of us by contacting us on below

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Tel: 0091-9833437887




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